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Meet Magento Contribution Day 2017

The contribution day is a new event from Magento and was hosted in Seats2Meet Utrecht on May the 13th. On a contribution day an Architect from Magento is available and you can collaborate with them to make Magento even better. The concept is like a hackathon, only this time you can contribute to the core.

NL vertaling: Verslag van de Meet Magento Contribution Day 2017

As the sponsor, Guapa was present with almost the entire development team (see picture). Magento sent Igor Miniailo and Levgen Shakhsuvarov as their Magento 2 Architects to help the present developers. The day started as every day should start, with coffee. The further schedule was as shown below:

09:00 – Welcome with coffee and tea
10:00 – Vote for ideas. The best ideas will be worked on
10:30 – Let the code begin!
13:00 – Lunch
19:30 – Pizza and presentations. Let’s see what we made
20:45 – Closing words

After the welcome and some words from Sander Mangel, Guapa and the Magento Core team we started with the sharing of some ideas. Magento opened a special project on their GitHub for this contribution day. Other ideas that came up where:

  • A admin toolbar on the frontend, to easily access backend pages for editing CMS, product or catalog pages
  • A custom option bug that happened when the price exceeded € 1000,-
  • Magento 2 Cloud Development
  • CDN possibilities
  • Bulk importing

After the sharing of the ideas we could all choose something to work on. Igor Miniailo pointed out that the issues that were assigned to to this Contribution day will help releasing Magento 2.2 as they are important issues for that release. This triggered me to work on one of the issues provided. For me that was the Magento issue #9206. Because this was a nice usability feature, there were no commits or snippets from other users and we could work freely. I collaborated with 2 of my Guapa colleagues to make a pull request before the end of the day. At about 9:45 the coding began. The developers took their place in the awesome room of Seats2Meet. Every table was working on their own issue or feature. This was very cool because when you needed a break from your own code you could go and check the cool projects of the other developers.

When some Magento core code didn’t make sense to you, or if you were stuck somewhere, the core developers were there to help and assist. This was very awesome because they know the system inside out, as they are the architects ;).

At around 12:30 the lunch drove in and we could all go and eat some pretty sweet sandwiches. Progress was discussed and everyone could update each other about the awesome work they were doing. I was highly impressed by the project of some of my other colleagues as they were working on an admin edit bar. This bar makes it possible to easily access the backend location of the page you are on. Just click edit page in the topbar of the page and you are right where you want to be.

There was also a cool project that enables you to give command parameters one-by-one. This was already possible for Magento 1 thanks to magerun, but not yet available for Magento2.

Another group was working on a private project for Magento Cloud Development. They did a research about using the power of a server to run Magento faster for local development. In this case they would let their PC think that the VPS that ran Magento was a local environment. This could mean a huge benefit for the speed of the local development environment and a lot of other advantages.

Between the coding and the discussing about the way to go there was also time for a good joke, talk and networking. Because the contribution day is only a day it is difficult to finish large portions of work but we were dedicated to finish a great contributing pull request to the core. Finishing work could mean a faster release of Magento 2.2 :).

Five o’Clock means pizza time, dinner came soon this day. Seats2Meet provided us with great home-made pizza’s and nice french bread. This was also the moment that beers began to enter the developers, which was nice. Coding is always better with a good beer.

After dinner, beers were still welcome and the coding continued. Time was running short and we wanted to deliver. Before the end of the day we did, our code made a fine pull request that (eventually) passed the Travis test. I want to thank Jesse Gorter for the collaboration on this issue. My other colleague Johan Spoelstra also finished his pull request for the Magento issue about ACL not defined for Magento_Backend::web.

Because of the short timeframe of one day not everybody could show their progress in a presentation and we skipped that part. Most of the work done was already seen by everyone during the day. Around 8 the day came to an end, and it was a great success. If you want to see the progress of the Magento core issues that were issued this day, check this link. Other projects have their own repositories which are not all accessible, once they are finished I’m sure you will see them.
As a conclusion, the Magento Contribution day was awesome! I had a blast coding with other Magento dev’s from all over the Netherlands and the Magento Core Architects that came specially for us. The fact that they were there was very great and made a difference as to other hackathons. Also a thanks to the organization by MeetMagentoNL,  you guys did a great job.